Wednesday, 5 December 2018

100 word Challenge Week #13

I woke up at 6:54. It was so dark I couldn't see. I tried to sleep but i was it looked like I was awake. I waited until 7:15 because it was getting bright. I ate breakfast and  went to church.
In there the learning didn't started so the kids were running  and talking so loud. I wish I was with my mother because her story of god has started. At last the kids learning has started. I now learned "The big God story".  After the lesson ended. Now I needed to go to my game lesson about God's story. We prayed and the church ended, then i went to swimming then i needed to go to my little cosin's  house because my mom wanted me to play with him. At 7:58 pm i was exhausted because my little cosin annoying me. i wen't to bed so early. It was my hard day.